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Customer Projects and Reviews

Arlene...Hell Mi. ♦ Eric installed us a 25 x 25 holland brick pavers off of our sliding glass doors. We are very delighted with his work.

—» Read more... Eric met with me for a quote, then returned to meet my husband. We were both very impressed with his promptness and professionalism. He showed up when he was scheduled to do the work. One instance he was 15 minutes late due to a previous job, and called us to let us know. Eric also completed the work in the time frame that he gave us. Eric suggested changes to what we originally had planned, and we love the changes he made. He also suggested that we go with brick steps instead of the wood ones that we wanted. We get compliments from everyone who sees our patio. Our budget was originally $2,000 but were so delighted with the patio that we decided to go bigger. Upon completion of the patio, Eric even brought 10 yards of top soil to fill around the patio for no extra charge. He then pleasantly surprised us by placing grass seed down. This was more than we expected. We do require more work to be done, and Eric will definitely be the one that we call. We have also recommended him to our friends and family for patio pavers/landscaping. We couldn't be more pleased with our patio. It was worth every penny.

Jan...Canton Mi. ♦ We have a 120 square foot patio; brick pavers over concrete. The concrete below the pavers had buckled and it looked like a brick earthquake out back. Scenic Landscaping pulled up the old brick pavers, removed the broken concrete beneath, filled the area with crushed limestone, leveled it out, provided slope for drainage and re-laid the original brick pavers (creating a new design in the process!)

—» Read more... Eric Duncan came out within a day or two of my original call and gave me an estimate. His quote was slightly higher than another I had received, but he had some suggestions and ideas that the other company did not. Ultimately, Eric matched the price of the other estimate, and that WAS my final cost. (No surprises at the end!) Eric and his crew did a beautiful job. They re-used the original bricks, which was a cost savings. Because some of the bricks were discolored (a hot tub had been sitting on them for 15 years...) he incorporated those into a new design when reinstalling the bricks. The patio looks better than ever. The work is done and Eric and his crew have been paid, so you would think that was the last we’d hear from them. BUT...Eric knew I was having a new hot tub installed over the newly laid brick pavers and he sent me an email today saying that he wants to stop by after the tub is installed to make sure everything is a-okay. He really does care about his work and your satisfaction – even after the job is complete and the check has been cashed. Warning: Scenic Landscaping will laugh when they see that I gave them an “A” in punctuality, because I was ready to buy them all watches by the third day. The nature of the business is that things don’t go on a schedule. Previous job delays, weather, supply purchases, etc., play into everything. Eric was good at communicating via email and phone, but delays will happen.

David...Brighton Mi. ♦ Eric and his company weeded and provided mulch for all our flower beds and trimmed all our ornamental trees/shrubs. To provide context we needed over 2 dozen trees and shrubs worked on and over 75 yards of much installed in various flower beds.

—» Read more...Eric was responsive and professional from the very beginning. He was unable to take our call initially but called us back promptly. He stopped by the house and took a look at the scope of job my wife and I wanted to have completed. He was very knowledgable regarding the shrubs/trees we needed to have worked on and was able to provide a comprehensive estimate for the work to be performed. His price was significantly less than a competitor that quoted the same job. He was unable to complete the work on the scheduled day because of an unavoidable problem he had with a supplier. The delay was 3 days. That was o.k. with us because the work was outside and we didn't need to schedule to be home for him to complete the job. Even though there was a delay he proactively contacts us to let us know what was going on so we didn't have to call him to find out what was going on. Once the work was completed my wife and I were very happy with the result. He was willing to do anything necessary to make sure we were satisfied. Overall an excellent experience

Jeff...Ann Arbor, Mi. ♦ Weeded several large garden beds (weed whipped and sprayed with Round Up) in the front yard and side yards. Put down fresh landscape fabric and 2-3 inches of mulch on top. Also cleared an overgrown area and put down grass seed, and pruned the lower branches of several pine trees by the road.

—» Read more...The weeds and grass in our front yard garden beds had gotten out of control, and any weeding we did was quickly replaced with new undesirable growth. Eric came out very quickly and provided an estimate for the work the same day. Based on the condition of the existing landscape fabric (put down in 2000) he suggested laying down new fabric after treating for weeds and adding fresh hardwood mulch on top. He was able to start just a couple of days after we settled on the work, and everything was completed in two days. The work was not cheap, but there was a lot of ground to cover (literally) and it was promptly and professionally done. The front yard looks presentable again. Very good value for the money. I will contact him again for future possible work.

Gloria...Livonia, Mi. ♦ All my bushes needed a "manicure" and I had the corner by the garage overhauled. He planted 6 plants/flowers, took down the weeds in this corner, and straightened out approx 12 of the crooked pavers. He evened out the bushes in the island and up by the house. The landscaping looks neat and shaped. He took out 2X4's that were surrounding the tree in the back and made the ground level around the tree.

—» Read more...I emailed him, and he called the next day and set up an appointment to come out the following day, which was on a Friday. He gave me a bid, and he came out on Saturday to do and finish the job. Overall, It was done in a short amount of time which impressed me. A very professional job well done. Thanks.

Kathy...Brighton, Mi. ♦ Scenic Landscaping delivered and spread in excess of 25 yards of mulch, transplanted several hydrangeas that another landscaping company hacked to the ground last year and replanted several new shrubs. They also trimmed my shrubs mostly boxwood and juniper.

—» Read more...Communication was good. One minor part of the job was accidentally overlooked and when brought to their attention it was immediately attended to. No trimmings were left to clean up. My only regret is that I didn't see the coupon (was it here then?) when I first came looking for a service provider!If I am still in this property in the fall -- I will definitely have them back for fall cleanup and to plant a substantial quantity of tulips and daffodils for me. Based upon my experience, I would highly recommend Eric and Scenic Landscaping.

Laurie...Ann Arbor, Mi. ♦ Eric Duncan and his small crew planted 6 ornamental trees in the front yard, 8 arborvitaes in a row to screen a bad view, and 8 evergreens. The evergreens are 6-8 feet high and have 250lb rootballs. They had to bring in topsoil as I had a lot of clay in the back yard. Around these trees, they put in black plastic edging, put down landscaping cloth, and finally added two full dump trucks of mulch. Eric was helpful in choosing which trees would work best for this area and he was able to locate a couple trees that I wanted that are not often seen in gardens around here. He changed the original planting locations (from a straight line to a zigzag line) and the original number of trees we had agreed upon to better suit the site and the size of the plants he was able to purchase this early in the year. The yard looks so very much better and in 5 years should be spectacular.

—» Read more...Everything was completed in the time we had both agreed upon. In fact, Eric and his crew dug an extra bed, cleaned up leaf debris from the winter, and set up a compost area for me - which was way over and beyond what we had a greed upon. They cleaned up after themselves and left the place immaculate. One note: If you expect Eric to arrive at 8 am, you may be disappointed; he has family responsibilities. That said, when he and his crew arrived, they worked hard and long. Eric also was always punctual for every meeting we set up. Everyone was a pleasure to work with.