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Charitable Give Back to the Community Campaign


  • 5% of all sales, of $1000 or more, to be given to the charitable organization of your choice!
  • The charity must reside within the county of which you live in or close by.
  • Charitable contributions from Scenic Landscaping will be limited to $500 per landscaping Project.
  • Charities will receive payment within one week of Scenic Landscaping receiving the final payment of each landscaping project.
  • Landscaping clients will receive a copy of checks mailed to the charity of choice.

Charity Ideas for your consideration

As animal lovers, Scenic landscaping supports the Humane Society of Michigan. ( & (Humane Society of Huron Valley 734-662-5585)

As Scenic landscaping family members Live with the following illnesses, we support the following foundations:

  • MS:
  • Kidney Dialysis: National Kidney Foundation:
  • Breast Cancer: Susan G. Komen:
  • Prostrate Cancer: Prostate Cancer Foundation:
  • Thyroid Cancer: National Cancer Institute: 1800 4-Cancer
  • Diabetes:
  • Organ Donation: = the greatest gift of life!

As there are hundreds of charities within our community, please pick the one that’s dearest to your heart. Scenic Landscaping’s hopes and desires are such that you will continue to donate to your charity of choice long after we have finished your landscaping project.